(Electric) Fan Death

In Korea, electric fans come fitted with timers. That’s a great feature, as it can help you save on the electicity bills. But that isn’t the reason why the fans come fitted with timers. No, the reason is very simple and utterly and completely ludicrous: going to sleep with a fan running in an enclosed space will kill you.

Hence, the timer. To shut down the whirling, spinning blades before the fan’s gentle wafting breeze leads to your death.

The electric fan death theory becomes even more implausible the more details are added. For example, how exactly it kills you. Perhaps spinning blades tear oxygen molecules apart. Perhaps the gentle breeze from the fan leads to massive and fatal heat loss. Possibly, a light, electrically driven breeze creates a vacuum over the sleeper’s mouth and his lungs explode.

It is entirely and absolutely bonkers.

Nonetheless, lots of Koreans hold a fervent belief in the deadly, albeit entirely implausible, power of the electric fan.

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One Response to “(Electric) Fan Death”

  1. Jim West Says:

    Fans and A/C are a big health hazard and that is why so many people describe it as an “allergy”. But it is really EMF radiation, especially from unshielded plastic case electric fans.

    Empirical test: Sleep with a fan next to you, pointed away so that moving air will not be a confounder of the test. Over 3-5 weeks disease will prevail, starting with sneezing, sniffles, backaches, palpitations, etc.

    No joke. Electricity is sacred in industrial Euro-Am.

    Jim West harvoa.org